[Random] Sooyoung and Her Faith

Sooyoung and Her Faith

I believe SNSD is a bunch of faithful people and that Sooyoung and Tiffany might be the most religious of the girls. Fany, bless her kind heart, is really known for her strong faith. But for some reasons I do not know, there are people who find it quite hard to believe that Sooyoung has the heart of a believer. This information actually started a little bit of discussion in the SuperGen thread. There are some people who refused to believe that and even came to a point of questioning Sooyoung’s faith. As a fan of Sooyoung, I was a bit stunned by the harsh comment so as any sane sooyoungster would, I defended her. Sooyoung may not be blatant about her religion but for the benefit of those who do not know, she is a devout Christian. Here is some information that I have gathered about her faith.

  • She once admitted on Oh SangJin’s radio show that she is more acquainted with actors/actresses than music idols. The reason for such is that most of the people in her Bible Study Group are actors/actresses. Even Super Junior’s Siwon mentioned that he is Bible mates with Sooyoung too. (Even with her busy schedule, she could make time to insert a Bible Study session. If that isn’t religious, well, I do not know what else to call it.)
  • When asked if she would be reborn in any point in time, what time would she want to be, she answered “the time when Jesus is alive”.
  • And this is just recently when Sooyoung had her vacation in New York. She was spotted talking with a chess playing man in a park. The man was lonely waiting for someone to play chess with and Sooyoung talked and comforted him, saying that she has no worries in life because she believes in God.


taken during a celeb prayer meeting for Thailand


SooFany with pastor/musician Jaeson Ma & his family

Some of you may notice that I put in “Sooyoung and her FAITH” rather than “Sooyoung and her religion” as a title. This is not an attempt to create a neutral atmosphere for this thread but rather as a way of emphasis on how I see the girl approach her faith. I’ve read some of the early replies and I’m not surprised to know that this is new information for some. We haven’t seen the girl sporting crosses or reading bibles or read fan accounts of her being spotted going into Church, but as what I have always believed, we do not need to follow every religious norm just to prove our belief in God. Truth be known, it is quite funny how this thread came to be. I am not a Christian and I’m not really interested when it comes to religion topics. However, I have always been amazed with people who could stand up for what they believe in, regardless what it may be. In Sooyoung’s case, it is not her pictures with pastors or with her friends during her bible reading sessions nor her answers on interviews about her belief in God that inspired me. It was that fan account of her in New York, talking to the lonely man in the park. She was talking about her God but the scene didn’t come off as a religious scenario. I was inspired because it talked about her FAITH. She need not to quote bible verses to get her point across, “MY FAITH KEEPS ME GOING”. She need not advertise what she did! It was a fan account. Taken without her knowing. That scene simply showed what he is as a person. Nowadays, you can see a lot of people following strict rules on their religion but somehow lacking in the character department. It is sad how a lot of people claim to believe in a God but their actions state otherwise. When we break everything down, it will always be about faith. It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist or other. It doesn’t even matter if you really believe in God. For me, what matters is you go on with your life in harmony with all the people around you. Because I believe that is the essence of religion. To create a balance and to bring harmony.What good is a God who will only love the people who believes in him? People can go on without a religion but they can never live without their faith. FAITH is what keeps us going. You do not have to be a religious scholar to inspire, you just have to stand with what you believe in. In writing this topic, I am quite surprised how it turned out to be a reflective activity for me and my faith. I am not religious but I believe in God. I believe that my God is good. And because my God is good, I will do good things not because I’m scared of that God or that I am compelled to be that way by my religion but rather because being GOOD is what that God inspires me to do. After all, that is what it’s all about INSPIRATION. Somehow, I thank this certain Choi Sooyoung for reminding me that.

cr: ShikShinLove @SSF

(Source: timespores)

via: fuckyeahsooyoung.tumblr.com

Pict credit goes to owner.


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