[Random] Eunhyuk’s Facts


  • Eunhyuk to Anya and Eva when they first meet each other: You room number please? [Full House]
  • Foreigner: Do you like X-man?? | EH: I’m not X-man!! [Full House]
  • Foreigner: What does your friend look like? Is your friend tall or short? | HC: Short | EH: I’m long [Full House]
  • Teacher: What about studying English? | EH: (in Korean) why is it so long? (he didn’t get the teacher message because it was too long [Full House]
  • Girl: Name? | EH: Name? Isn’t this too rude? You look like Ronaldinho [Full House]
  • EH: I collect cars. I do it everyday. Because it’s fun! So I love it! [Full House]



  • Eunhyuk liked going to school even though he didn’t like study. He went to school for soccer. [Sukira]
  • EH: During secondary time, I once scored 100 for my Mathematics exam. Please don’t give comment like this : “Ah, any one can do this!”, cause there’s still people who can’t achieve this score, and this is one of the event I am proud of. I can really do well in maths, my nickname was “Professor of Maths” that time. Not the kind of professor who can work out calculation really fast, but the kind of professor who calculate step by step and end up with correct answers. [Sukira]
  • EH: Many of us ask our parent question we don’t know on studies. When I didn’t know how to solve a question, I will think, what if my father and mother have no idea how to do too? Then they won’t be able to show a talented side to their child. So, I am planning, when I get married, I want to study all primary and secondary subjects again, to teach my child in the future! [Sukira] Oh my~ you’re so cool~ please by my children’s dad!!
  • Eunhyuk thinks that we  must being nice to our classmates, especially they who sit in front, back, right, and left of us. When they forget to bring stationary like pencil or eraser,  we must take care of them. [Sukira]
  • According to Eunhyuk’s teacher, Eunhyuk was a smart student but always tried to skip classes. He also had good grades. [MBC Happy Share Company] so, he’s a genius, huh??



  • Eunhyuk ideal type of girl:
    • Emma Watson
    • He likes girl that good at dancing like HyunA [Super Junior Foresight]
    • Girl with fair skin and big eyes [We Got Married Leeteuk – Kang Sora Couple] Omo! That’s so me!! XD
    • He likes cute girl, so he choose Jiyoung as his favorite KARA member [KARA Night Star]
    • Someone who confident and competitive
    • Girl that know how to cook especially Kimchi.
    • Eunhyuk hate it when his girlfriend wears stomache pants [Annyeonghaseyo]
    • Eunhyuk loves someone who active. He also likes someone who can dance so well and they can do couple dance together [We Got Married Leeteuk – Kang Sora Couple]
    • EH: Being a celebrity is a job that received the public’s attention. I think it’s our duty to become everybody’s lover. We need to hide certain things (this refer to love life), that way the fans will love us more [Oh! My School]. This means Eunhyuk likes to keep it a secret when he’s in a relationship with a girl.
    • EH: We’re star, so we can’t ignore our fans. Not announcing (that I’m in a relationship) doesn’t mean we live just for our fans. It’s for myself and to protect the person I love. It’s better to not announce it [Oh! My School]
    • Eunhyuk 2010 Christmas wishes:
      • Have a girlfriend
      • Not getting caught when I have a girlfriend
      • Maintaining popularity even after getting caught [Oh! My School]
      • In MBC Come to Play show special SM Town, Leeteuk ever mention about when they were trainee, the boys like to punch wall when they feel sad and tired. After Leeteuk mentioned that, Eunhyuk looked at his scar on his hand. You know that Eunhyuk punched mirror and left a scar on his right hand? It’s because of a girl. Heechul said it at KBS Oh! My School.
      • Leeteuk said that Eunhyuk is a good boy when he’s in a relationship [via DUNIA_KPOPERS]
      • Eunhyuk thinks that what we need in a relationship is honesty and understands each others [via DUNIA_KPOPERS].
      • According to Leeteuk, Eunhyuk’s first kiss is when he was in elementary school [via DUNIA_KPOPERS]. Lee Hyukjae, you kiss whom when you in elementary school -_-
      • Eunhyuk is ideal guy for Miss A Suzy [Yeppopo]



  • Eunhyuk Father’s name is Lee Kang Hun and Eunhyuk mother’s name is Jang Duk Boon. Eunhyuk Sister’s name is Lee Sora [via eunhyuktweet].
  • MC: What did you do after you make money? | EH: I purchased a house and a car for my dad [Oh! My School]
  • EH: We just moved to an area where it’s close to the church that my parents go to [Oh! My School]. From this sentence, I think Eunhyuk purchased a new house for his parents that near with church.
  • Some people mistaken Lee Sora as Eunhyuk’s girlfriend since they like to hang out together [via DUNIA_KPOPERS].




  • EH: I also have a puppy as my pet, I lost it once. It’s been long I haven’t bring my pet here to studio, I ever brought it here, its name is Choco. There was one summer, the weather was hot so the door was opened wide. Unexpectedly, Choco ran out. When our family were having dinner then we realised it wasn’t at house. Usually we put it’s dish at a side, but it didn’t show up that day, so I wondered where did that little fellow went and started calling it’s name “Choco! Choco!” Still, it didn’t come to me. I was frightened, I tried finding it everywhere but I can’t. It was my first time eating rice mixed with tear that time. I cried without knowing, the tear ‘ddok, ddok, ddok’  into my rice. After dinner I went out and find Choco, I kept on searching for it, searching and searching. Do you know how I found it? The auntie living beside said she saw a familiar dog walking around, she thought it was surely not a dumped dog, so she kept it temporarily. She hugged Choco to somewhere near our house, Choco then came home itself. I felt really thankful. When I got Choco back, I cried so hard. That little fellow didn’t even know anything, but kept on breathing like ‘hu~hu~hu~’. Ah, really, keeping a dog for too long, it will really become a part of our family, if you feel lonely, try adopting a dog. [Sukira] My Eunhyuk is really love Choco so much~ I love Choco, too~
  • Thing that Eunhyuk likes to touch is his pet, Choco [via: Korean Chingu]
  • When Eunhyuk feels sad because of he break up with his girlfriend or something like that, he likes to tell Choco (in Indonesia you call it curhat) [via DUNIA_KPOPERS].
  • In Eunhyuk point of view, Choco is cute and get jealous easily [via DUNIA_KPOPERS].



  • Eunhyuk likes both winter and summer. People say those who are born in summer likes hot weather, and the one born in winter likes cold weather. Eunhyuk was born on spring, so he likes both cold and hot weather. [Sukira]
  • Eunhyuk likes soccer. His favorite club is Manchester United [via DUNIA_KPOPERS]. He even went to Chelsea vs Arsenal match in London.
  • Eunhyuk likes banana [via DUNIA_KPOPERS]
  • Eunhyuk fave colors are White, silver, blue, beige, and grey [via DUNIA_KPOPERS]. I don’t know why but I don’t believe it, except beige.
  • Eunhyuk loves leopard print. Fans keep give him that related stuff or even wear leopard print to catch his attention [via eunhyuktweet]
  • Eunhyuk’s favorite fruits are strawberry (he can’t live without strawberry), Gyool, and tangerine/orange [eunhyuktweet].



  • Eunhyuk said that he will tell his family if he got a girlfriend. Even though he doesn’t introduce her yet, but he will tell “I have a girlfriend already” [Sukira]
  • EH: When I sign my autograph, I usually sign them in a handsome way. If the signature doesn’t come out well, my mood will go bad. When the pen I use for signing is low quality, I will become unhappy too! [Sukira]
  • EH: I am the kind of person who loves cleanliness. Everything has be arranged nicely. | LT: If you marry Eunhyuk, you must be that kind of person like him too. | EH: Not really. I will arrange nicely for her. [Sukira] Oh my!! You don’t need to~ I’m the one who will do that for you :*
  • LT: Eunhyuk’s breathing is really loud [Sukira]
  • EH: I keep gifts, letters from fans in a big box. As time goes by, as I grew older, these will become my biggest treasure! I will take those things out and exclaim “Ah, I was like this last time!” These are all things that I could be proud of, I will show them off to my children and family. Everyone, please don’t think that people treating you good is something necessary and what they must do, we must always accept their good treatment to us with a thankful heart. Once again, thank you for loving me. [Sukira]
  • EH: Sometimes, we must be honest when talking to other, don’t try to beautify your words, be more straightforward on what you actually wanted to say, perform this charm of human. I’m also spilling my heart honestly to listener through this radio broadcast, instead of beautifying my words, I tell them out in a careful way. I hope there’s more spaces for me to speak straightforwardly, and try my best to show my honest side to everyone. [Sukira]
  • EH: Controlling yourself not to do the things that you will actually be good at, isn’t this even greater? [Sukira]
  • Eunhyuk and Leeteuk not good at drinking Americano (a kind of coffee), because it’s too bitter. [We Got Married Leeteuk – Kang Sora Couple]
  • At first, Eunhyuk doesn’t like nickname Anchovy, so he tried his best to gain weight and throw away that nickname. But then he realized that with Anchovy name, he can feel love from everyone and when it became his imaged, he felt more and more love. [Sukira]
  • Eunhyuk hates bugs and even can’t catch it if he doesn’t have any weapon [Annyeonghaseyo]. Take it easy, boy. I will take care all of bugs in our future house. I can catch cockroach easily without any weapon :*
  • When he stress, to release it Eunhyuk liked to punch Junsu [via DUNIA_KPOPERS]
  • Leeteuk ever said that Eunhyuk likes to fart anywhere as he like to [via DUNIA_KPOPERS]
  • Eunhyuk ever didn’t brush his teeth for 2 weeks [via DUNIA_KPOPERS]. OMG! Is this true?? -_-
  • RW: Hyung, why don’t you wash your hand well? | EH: I save this country! Don’t use water too much [via EUNindonesia]
  • Eunhyuk doesn’t know how to cook



  • EH: Actually, its advantage if they release my photo first, cause I’m the main~ (About 5jib comeback) [Sukira]
  • EH: When I was a trainee, I liked to sit in the same seat in the car. My thought was, if anyone got interested in me, they might want to guard ‘the boy that was in the same position at the same time’. I wanted to give those people these fan service~ [Sukira]
  • When Eunhyuk went to Noraebang with his father, he felt that his singing ability is really good compared to his father. [Sukira] of course, you father never been trained -_-
  • SNSD Hyoyeon: When Eunhyuk just come as rookie trainee, he bowed 90 degree to me and ask me to sit on his seat | EH: He sounds like a very polite man [SNSD Night Star]
  • EH to SNSD: I heard you guys fight each other over me (this just a joke) [SNSD Night Star].
  • Eunhyuk ever wore shoes with “eunbin” written there. It means Eunhyuk copying Hyunbin [Oh! My School]
  • EH: I love anchovies, they’re rich in calcium [Oh! My School]
  • MC: your popularity has always been high. What do you feel are the secrets of it? | EH: Most probably it’s because of me [Guerilla Date]
  • MC: Who in the 13 members is the most good looking?| EH: Must I say it honestly? I think I’m number one [Fantasy Couple].
  • EH: When I’m here, the atmosphere lives, honestly [Full House]



  • SNSD Hyoyeon: You know how Eunhyuk oppa is really funny right? He’s the most popular among our members [SNSD Night Star].
  • SNSD Yoona: I really think he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met [SNSD Night Star]
  • Park Myungsoo: He is (Eunhyuk) very hard working [Oh! My School]
  • Tony Ahn: He’s the blue tip of variety show. I don’t want him to come close to me. The closer he gets, the more afraid I am that he’ll take over (my position as MC) [Oh! My School].
  • Park Myungsoo: He’s the model of today’s youth [Oh! My School].



  • EH: It’s important to make an image for yourself. It’s important to maintain your image, too. My internet profile has my height as 176 cm, but actually my height is 174 cm. That’s why I have to wear shoelift on TV [Oh! My School]
  • EH: If you don’t have part (of singing on a song). Make sure your dance move stand out and stand near the main singer so you appear on camera [Oh! My School].
  • EH: Nowadays, cameramen are unable to capture singer properly. If I’m lipsync-ing the words from beginning to end, they think I’m the one who singing, so the cameramen shoot me. I’ve used this to steal few parts [Oh! My School].
  • EH: To increase this show’s rating, we should make a scandal. Let’s create a situation. Don’t just sit there, hold hand under the desk. Do this thing in secret when viewers aren’t watching. And then they got caught (by viewers) | MC: Have you ever held a girl’s hand in secret on TV? | EH: Pardon? I never did that [Oh! My School]. This is not Eunhyuk romance story, but he’s so good to make a romance scandal



  • SHINee Minho: He (Eunhyuk) always get jealous if someone else is funny [Oh! My School]
  • Eunhyuk thinks 20 years later, he might be composer or producer, somewhat related to music [Guerilla Date]
  • Eunhyuk doesn’t like it when someone mention about his wizened/wrinkled (I don’t know what is it in english -_-) around his eyes. It shows up when he’s smiling or laughing [via DUNIA_KPOPERS].
  • Eunhyuk saw a ghost when filming Mr. Simple MV [via DUNIA_KPOPERS].
  • Eunhyuk ever be punched by fans and he asked hotel security to dismiss them [via DUNIA_KPOPERS].
  • Eunhyuk wants to visit Egypt
  • Eunhyuk ever learned some Arabic words and he spelled it well and the best among all Super Junior members (well, this is from my point of view xp. I’ve learned Arabic too, so I know how to pronounce it). He  said some words like “Assalamualaikum nahnu Super Junior” and “Marhaban, ismi Eunhyuk”.
  • Eunhyuk ever said that his Indonesian name is Sayang (it means honey/darling/jagi) -_-. But he mentioned it in accident I think. Fauzi Baadilla, Indonesian celebrity asked him about “nama Indonesia” but Hyuk didn’t get it. Hyuk asked “Indonesia?” and Fauzi replied “yes” the Hyuk said “Sayang”. Fauzi then said that Eunhyuk’s Indonesian name is Sayang. All I see was like this, but I don’t know whether I’m the one who mistaken this scene (?).
  • Eunhyuk’s frustration: “There are many member in Super Junior. When we’re together, everyone will recognize me and say the like me. But when I’m alone, just like you, they like other member and don’t recognize me [Fantasy Couple].
  • When Eunhyuk was in Taiwan he ever sick because he had to adapt with Taiwanese food [via ELF_Galau]
  • Eunhyuk is Super Junior member who’s really difficult to be stalked [via ELF_Galau].
  • Kyuhyun said that Eunhyuk ever washed his armpit on toilet before Super Show [Super Junior Foresight].
  • Siwon to Eunhyuk: You look like a monkey, dress up like that [Full Houese].

This is not the END, I should post part.2 part.3 or even part.4 next time u,u






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