[Random] 10 Things About Stella Kim

I just copying Stella’s tweet. So, this profile is written from Stella’s perspective 😉

1. I have no taste perception for sweets—a whole choco cake would probably just about satisfy a typical craving. Bad 😦

2. I’m a mediocre singer, but I sound glorious in the shower! Don’t we all 🙂 (Well, I heard you almost be ‘lead vocal’ in SNSD together with Taeyeon and Jessica. I bet you sing well, not only in the shower)

3. Favorite things in life: scenic views of beautiful night lights … and friends ❤ 

4. I am an obsessive advocate of food, fashion & photography… 

5. The things that annoy me most are loud chewing, overpowering smells, and snoring.

6. I eat until I fall asleep from food coma when I’m stressed (#6.5 The thing I am best at doing: eating).

7. My guilty pleasures are: 1) yellow & green sour skittles 2) 1990s Spice Girls music 3) pint icecreams

8. I’m a tree hugger – I love the environment, and I want to save it. You should too.

9. I gained 16kg in 6 months … and now my doctor advises me to lose 6 to prevent further blood sugar/insulin problems. How?! 😦

10. Stella 현경 Kim (90-06-15, 171cm,56kg) born in the wonderful country that is S.Korea & currently a cultural Food Studies major at NYU 🙂

Seems like she’s another shikshin. Hehehehe~

Love you, Stella Kim ♡ ♥

One Response to “[Random] 10 Things About Stella Kim”
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