[Review] Les Miserables

Les Miserables… how to say it… kinda speechless but I want to share..

I have no expectation before.. I want to watch it because it’s a musical movie and I’m a big fan of musical movies. And also I’m a fan of Anne Hathaway. So…. I just want to watch it.

Even when this movie won Best Picture at Golden Globe Awards, I still have no expectation what this movie will be like. I have no idea at all. When I entered the theater, there were just a few people. I knew it would be like this. This movie is kinda ‘unknown’ in this country, especially in this town. Then I sat down and the movie started.

This movie is adapted from live musical that run into 42 countries and watched by more than 60 millions people. The live musical itself adapted from a novel by French novelist, Victor Hugo that published in 19th century. The story of Les Miserables is about misery of French people before the revolution. Hunger, epidemic, destitution, and crime are killing them. They do everything to survive. So do Fantine (Anne Hathaway). A factory laborer who has a girl named Cosette (Amanda Seyfried). Cosette’s father left them without any responsibility.

Who am I? Jean Valjean!

But this movie is not about Fantine nor Cosette, it’s about Jean Valjean who played by Hugh Jackman. He’s an ex-convict. He was under arrest because steal a loaf of bread for his sister’s child. I can’t tell more, you can watch it by yourself.

In this movie, I bet you’ll cry if you have heart to feel and sense of art. Some people didn’t get what this movie is. I said this movie is 100% art. You may enjoy some movies, but can’t understand why it supposed to be like that. Some people like movies because of the special effect but don’t get the meanings of the story. That’s make me want to punch them. And even some people watch movies just because Megan Fox, Emma Stone, etc! Hell, they even didn’t know what actually those girls did at those movies! I did it sometimes.. I also watch Les Miserables because of Anne Hathaway. But when I watch this movie, I know that I watch more than her face, I listen more than her voice, and I know that they cast Anne not for increase the selling.

Some people trapped because of the list of actors. They thought they would see Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman do a gun battle or something like that. But all they can see here is a SONG battle between the Wolverine and the Gladiator featuring the Catwoman! Yes, they sing! Live in front of your eyes! I don’t know they have such a beautiful voice. No wonder if Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress at Golden Globe Awards. They deserve it!

What makes this movie beautiful?

Beautiful? This movie is more than beautiful! From the start till the end, they talk with melody. The dialog is as pretty as poetry. The actors play perfectly, full of emotion. Especially Anne Hathaway when perform “I Dreamed a Dream” and Samantha Barks perform “On My Own.” OMG I cried a river at that time! I feel like I’m there and feel their pain. Am I too much? At first I thought so, but when I read testimonies and reviews of Les Misreables, I believe I’m not the only one who cried a river!

I’m so lucky because I had a chance to watch this movie and I can see the beautifulness of the movie. Not like some people with no sense who had a chance but throw it. Well, maybe they won’t regret it, but I think they’re unlucky.

I’d like to write thousand words of this movie but I just don’t know what to write because this movie is too awesome. There’s no word can describe it. Just watch it, and you will know why this movie deserve your love and Oscar.

PS: there’s a super hot actor who play as Marius. His name is Eddie Redmayne. Some people call him ugly, but I don’t care. He has wide forehead, pretty nose, sexy lips, and beautiful eyes. He’s also good at acting and singing. OMG! Such a perfection!

lesmis 1

Eddie Redmayne….. uwaaaa I like him!


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