Letter to Eunhyuk

It’s been a long time since I talk to you. Since I quit twitter, I almost never talk to you. Well, I actually did, but since my account is protected you can never read my messages.

At this special day, I’d like to say Happy Birthday! I’m glad you can reach your 28th birthday but I also sad because it’s time for you to enlist the military. I wish that we can meet once before your enlistment.

I don’t have much to say, not like the other day when I talk to you and tell you everything. I never wish you read my message (or story). I know that your so busy and you get many messages, so you might never read mine. It’s okay.

You always been a choensa for me who heals me anytime I need medicine. You always been my mood booster even when your scandal came out. You always been my escape place whenever times get harder in reality. I’m glad that you’re alive and I’m thankful that I got a chance to know you.

We’ve been together for 4 years (well actually it’s 3 years and few months but let’s say it’s 4 years). You’re the one who never let my life flat. I mean, some people try to bring me down, but you’re the one who make it up, so that my life never get boring. It’s up and down.

I think, before you turn 29, you’ll enlist. I hope you can learn something there. Some people hate you for some reason and I think you can reflect yourself when you go to military. I will miss you when that time comes.

I wish that you always live happily and healthy, so that you can make more money and buy expensive clothes. Let’s live our life and talk to each other whenever something goes wrong or someone bring us down. Even though we can’t really communicate, but we can share something to each other.

Oppa is forever jjang jjang man!

Sorry for my bad english, but I believe oppa’s english is worse 😛


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